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4th May 2014, 14:56
Hi there:)
My name is Chiara and I come from Italy! (so sorry for mistakes)

I'd be curious to know what are the main practice sports in Australia...

I need some statistics (e.g. 60% people in Australia practice Aussie Rules..) in general..

I've just looked in wikipedia & other web-sites, but I only find average that are too specifics for my reserch:/

Please help me :p

Thank you so much :)

8th May 2014, 06:23
I would say that the main sports are: rugby, soccer, surf, cricket

8th May 2014, 06:49
...and Footy Aussie Rules.

Comunque il piu' praticato e seguito di tutti credo sia il Cricket,anche in fatto di sport dipende molto da regione a regione,vedi AFL e NRL,ma il Cricket invece e seguito moltissimo in tutto il paese senza eccezioni.....sport che personalmente non sono ancora riuscito a comprendere...:sleep

8th May 2014, 07:20
Grazie mille per aver risposto!
Thank you:)