Visualizza la versione completa : Ware/Wares for a domestic warehouse app

Steve Rogers
19th May 2017, 01:19
Forgive me but my English is not so good and I have difficulty in perceiving the function of the word "ware" in everyday life. My goal is to create a smartphone app where you can enter an inventory of objects of our daily uses. Through a functional search engine will then can look up the stuff that's been posted. The name of the app: "WareApp" The first thing that came to my mind was 'domestic warehouse', hence the word Ware. I hope the two photos can give a good idea.

I'm not so far to publish the App but I'm in time to change name and graphics and now my mind has brought forth these questions: is it the right name? will be misinterpreted? Is there something better like Stuff, Item, Record, Object?

Please help, this is not spamming the App is not in the store and also it will be free for anyone. Thanks a lot.

On another website, I was determined not to use the word ware as this isn't appropriate even though it may still be used ironically. Among the different alternatives offered there is GEAR, I like that word then please should explain it to me? What do you think about? Thank you very much...

Steve Rogers
20th May 2017, 01:25
This morning I decided to adopt the term Stuff that I consider (now and thanks to you all) more appropriate. Many thanks