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26th April 2011, 20:11
hey guys..
finally i found an off topic section...

one year ago i started with the 3D models... and now... i wanna show some works made by me in the last 2 months ^^



model: http://www.extremestyle.org/public/hosting/images/sword-140326638.png
Wireframed Model: http://www.extremestyle.org/public/hosting/images/swordwired.png

any comments or criticisms?

14th May 2011, 13:13
Very nice
specially the low poly style,

I thing you should work a bit more with the texturing and shadows, it will help you a lto to keep them light and at the same time, detailed.

My neighbour is a teacher in a 3d school He just developed an application of 3d school in Maya.

this is the link:

BTG: Part 1 for iPad on the iTunes App Store (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/btg-part-1/id427105896?mt=8)

Main (http://www.emotionstudio.com.au/emotionstudio/Main.html)


13th November 2011, 20:16
well... thanks for the information... but... since i don't have money i can't buy that application xD
i just got that the Autodesk gives his softwares for free if you are a student *-*
the saddest part is that 3ds max and maya doesn't run on my PC because it isn't much good xD

so... i'm still using blender ^^

and this is my latest word =D


i hope you will like it :)