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    Hello everyone, i'm new here.
    I'm a languages student from Sydney and sometimes i manage to get easy jobs as translator.
    I have to say that i'm pretty prepared when it comes to speak italian sentences, and with the right attention and hints i can write in proper italian as well. That's thanks to my italian parents. We speak italian when we're home and twice a year we come back to Italy. However i perfectly know tht my italian is not that perfect and i wanted to have some external feedbacks.
    From a couple of months now, i'm translating the blog section of this (NDR: link rimosso a sito di casino online) website. I translate from english to italian.
    What do you think of my writing?

    Thanks a lot in advance =D
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    Abbiamo rimosso il tuo link a un sito di casino online, ed e' il primo ammonimento, se la questione si ripete sarai bannato.
    "Nessun vento è favorevole per il marinaio che non sa a quale porto vuol approdare." - Seneca.
    Prima di scrivere hai letto queste regole?
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